How far do I travel?

Within 15 miles of Hitchin for the prices as listed. Seasonal mini shoots are all located within 5 miles of Hitchin. Group and one to one teaching sessions all take place at my home in Hitchin.

What to wear?

First of all be comfortable and warm, and for children a spare pair of clothes is a good idea. Try to avoid bold patterns, logo’s and stripes – which can all be distracting. Think about the season and the colours that you can see around you – try to reflect those colours in the clothes you wear. Take a look at my pintrest board for inspiration to complement the seasons. I will offer further advice around clothing during out initial consultation - which is covered in the booking fee.

Weather conditions

Unless it is torrential rain your photoshoot won’t be cancelled. Shots of children holding umbrellas and jumping in puddles are lots of fun - and I will find ways to make the most of the weather conditions. Bright sunny days are the least ideal from a photography point of view – so clouds are a bonus! Even on an overcast day, top shade is preferable to prevent unflattering shadows on faces. Shade can be found under trees and other areas of cover such as doorways and umbrellas. Ideal light conditions are  found just after sunrise and before sunset. Family photography sessions that take place around these times are always the most atmospheric in terms of capturing beautiful light.

Cancellation due to illness

The booking fee is non refundable however as a mother of young children I understand that illness can strike – and often does – at the most inopportune of times. I will be most sympathetic to this and we can rearrange your shoot at no additional cost to you.


I will always ask your permission to use any of the photographs from your shoot for my website or social media. You have every right to deny me that permission and are under no obligation to allow me to use them. Immediately after your photography session I will offer a 'sneak peak' on my social media pages that you are welcome to share with friends and family if you so wish.

How to prepare

Hunger and tiredness do not bring out the best in small children – therefore I will always bring snacks on a shoot (and you are welcome to bring your own). Breaks will occur naturally and I will be guided by what I see in-front of me. Please don’t worry if your child refuses to wear the ideal outfit or is generally seeming out of sorts on the day. It is my job to go with the flow and get the best out of the shoot anyway. My approach is playful and collaborative so you will not feel pressurised or rushed in any way.

For further information please read my guide on what a family photography session with me will involve, or contact me with any questions or special requests that you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!